Things to Prepare to Welcome Your New Puppy

Are you planning to adopt a puppy? If so, there are several things you need to prepare before adopting it. You not only have to prepare a comfortable place to live but also need to pay attention to food and pet health.
Having a dog as a pet must have a lot of perks. Apart from that, it will have additional responsibilities as well. Dogs need regular grooming so they can be your best friends.

So, what are the things that must be prepared before adopting a puppy? Here are some things you should prepare in advance:

1. Setting up a Cage, Fence, or Pet Cargo

Cages, fences, and pet cargo are things that must be owned before deciding to adopt a puppy. The cage can be used if you want to dry your pet. The fence is the boundary where the puppy plays so he doesn’t mess with the whole house. You can see and watch it from afar.

While pet cargo is a smaller cage that is used to take pets to the doctor or travel long or close distances. Pet cargo is usually made of various materials, such as plastic, stainless steel, or fiberglass. Pet cargo made of stainless steel usually lasts a lifetime but is heavy to carry around. Meanwhile, pet cargo made of plastic and fiberglass is usually lighter and easier to carry around.

2. Preparing Puppy’s Special Bed

A special puppy bed is something that needs to be prepared next. Arriving at home, the puppy will need a comfortable bed to lie in. Choose something that is comfortable, safe and durable, and easy to clean as our priority. In this case, you can choose Dog Teepees with comfortable and soft materials.
Dog bedding is one of the factors that determine your dog’s health and happiness

3.Preparing the Puppy Chain

A puppy chain is needed to walk him along. In addition, you can also give him a necklace with a name tag on the neckband include your name, address, and phone number. If something bad happens, and the puppy is missing, at least the person who found it can contact you immediately. For the necklace material, you can choose the type of nylon. Adjust to the size of the puppy’s neck, by tucking his finger between the necklace and the neck.

4.Preparing the Food and Water Bowl

Preparing food and water bowls is the next thing that needs to be prepared. The bowls are available in various materials, namely ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, to glass. From these various materials, you can choose according to your budget and needs.

5.Preparing Grooming Equipment

Preparing grooming equipment is one thing that needs to be prepared. You also need to learn to bathe your own puppy, because his fur needs to be washed, combed, and brushed regularly. The same applies to nails, ears, and teeth, which must be cleaned regularly. Here are a number of grooming equipment needed:

  • Hairdryer;
  • Bristle brush;
  • Comb;
  • Cotton ball;
  • Ear cleaner;
  • Nail clipper;
  • Shampoo and conditioner;
  • Towel;
  • Special puppy toothbrush and toothpaste.

6.Chew Toy / Chewable toys

Puppies need to chew as they start teething. The best way to make sure your puppy doesn’t bite your new furniture or shoes is to buy him some chew toys. Many toys are specifically for puppies and made of softer materials than toys for adult dogs.

Avoid plush toys (eg dolls) as they can easily tear when a puppy bites them and the contents inside can pose a choking hazard.

7.Collar and Leash

Buy a collar and leash for your puppy so he can learn to get used to walking by using them. Try a collar with a dumbbell model, which is the type of collar that ties up to the dog’s shoulders. This breed will not hurt a puppy’s neck if they struggle, because they will usually struggle a little at first because they are not used to it. Use a collar and leash when you are walking outside with your puppy because that way, they will learn faster how to walk beside you and it will also be safer for your puppy when outside.

To keep your beloved dog away from stress, of course, you have to create a comfortable environment and atmosphere for him. Well, one way to make him feel comfortable is to choose a comfortable Dog Bed too. A soft and smooth mattress will make him feel calmer and of course, it is also good for the health of his fur.
Pet Teepees with the cute model, make your beloved dog can rest comfortably with the soft mattress material.
Have you bought Pet Teepees that are comfortable for your pets?
Just like humans, animals also want to get good treatment from their owners. Whether it’s in terms of food, bed, or other attention. One thing you should pay attention to, to keep your pet in the best condition, is to provide cute Pet Teepees. In addition to your dog or cat, you can rest comfortably, you can also use it as a room accessory to make it look different. Now many special animal beds are designed with unique models and bright colors, which you can adjust to the character of your pet.

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By Lee Chun Hei