Tips to enjoy with your pet on Halloween

Tips to enjoy with your pet on Halloween

Halloween party is a special party for kids to enjoy eating treats, dressing up and going from house to house at night. It is a party that brings together a great mystery and offers children their desire to live adventures and new experiences. Adults also enjoy decorating their home in a special way and even looking for the most terrifying costume to share and have fun with friends.

But… What about pets? In general, pets do not usually enjoy this party, as it is full of unexpected visitors, a lot of noise, people and other strangely dressed pets that disorient them and can cause excessive emotional stress. Each owner is free to want to incorporate their pet into this celebration, but, concerned about animal welfare, Best for Pets offers some basic recommendations so that your pet does not get harmed from this experience.
Sweets no thanks!

1. The candies and treats that roll around the houses on Halloween nights are extremely dangerous for our dogs and cats.
2. The candies contain an artificial sweetener called xylitol which can be poisonous to pets, even in small amounts.
3. Chocolate is very toxic to dogs and cats and its consumption can cause vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, increased thirst, frequent urination, high heart rate, and even seizures.
4. Also be careful with candy wrappers and candies, if your pet ingests them carelessly, they can even cause them to suffocate.

If you want to gift your pet on this special night, do it with Snacks for cats or Prizes for dogs specially indicated for them. They will be delighted and you will be completely calm. You can review the variety that we have by entering our online store

Pet costumes.

Preferably it is better that you do not dress up your pet at this party, it can be uncomfortable for them and even cause skin allergies. But if you have personally decided to dress her up, look for a comfortable and light garment that does not prevent her from moving, breathing, drinking and eating normally. We also recommend that you try on the costume a few days before and see if you are comfortable with it and it does not cause any allergic reaction.

In any case, at Best for Pets, we are in favor of dressing up your pet with only a cape, mask or hat. It will be enough to enjoy seeing its terrifying appearance and take a photo to remember.

Be careful with the decorations!

The classic Halloween decorations with lights, candles and pumpkins can be very dangerous for your pet. Be sure to place them high up so that it is impossible for your pet to access them. Avoid wires within their reach that could bite and candles that could cause burns. Pumpkin itself is also a particularly harmful food for your dog or cat, so be careful not to ingest it by mistake.

Safe inside!

Even if your dog or cat is used to leaving the house, Best for Pets recommends that they not be allowed out that night. The shouting, the noise, the children and the people can scare and disorient them and make them lose their way.

Inside the house, it is also important to consider that, if a large party is being held and the pet cannot be given enough attention, it must remain away from the hustle and bustle and calm. We must remember to visit it regularly to check its condition. It is interesting to leave him with his favorite toy or a new one to keep him entertained.

On our page, you can find toys for dogs suitable for playing alone in a calm way and toys for cats, some filled with catnip that will keep you entertained in those little moments of solitude.

If for any reason, we must go out with our pet that night, it is essential that we do so holding them on a harness or leash. If they are also correctly identified with a microchip or sheet, all the better.

And finally, be sure to visit the vet quickly if you have confirmed that your pet has ingested or bitten a cable, a candy, a candy wrapper or anything else that could be harmful to its health.

Taking these tips into account, we are sure that this coming Halloween will be a fun and safe party for gift givers and owners. Best for Pets wishes you… Happy Halloween!

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By Lee Chun Hei