Tips to organize a boba without neglecting your dog

Generally, when we are going to get married, before doing so, we talk with our partner about many things, among which are always… where we will live, my wedding dress, what we need, do you think that the money we earn will reach us?, where Will we spend our honeymoon? Shall we have a party or a toast or just the ceremony and do nothing? These among many many situations that are seen within the preparations.

Many couples also talk about how many children they are going to have, whether they will both continue working, in short, a thousand things that are coming to light and that are necessary to lead a good life as a couple.

Among the thousands of things there is one that for many is very important and basic… What will we have as a pet, a dog or a cat? Female or male?

This point is also of vital importance in a marriage that is about to start a new phase of its life. When both are animal lovers it will be easy to reach an agreement, but when one of the two has never had the pleasant experience of owning a pet it could be a bit complicated and even more so when this person has not had pleasant experiences with dogs or cats, either they are simply scary or you have never been allowed to have a pet at home. When this is the case, usually the one who has had the great experience of having a pet will start commenting on it. Of course, in some way, when having a relationship with a person who does have one or more pets, they have already been in contact with dogs or cats, so they will imagine that a pet for the new one will be included in the marriage package. partner.

For newlyweds or soon to be married to choose a pet, serious conversations about it are also required.

The most important issues to be addressed are implicitly related to some of the issues that were covered at the beginning; it is obvious that if your home will be an apartment, the selection of the breed, in the case of dogs, will be of primary importance. To give an example, let’s consider a Cocker Spaniel, which, although it is a medium to small dog, is not a suitable breed to keep in an apartment unless there is a commitment to take it out repeatedly during the day to exercise; This need is due to the fact that the zootechnical function of this breed is to collect prey, so it will require a lot of exercise. The same happens with dogs that belong to the same type of function, but one could be chosen among the companion breeds that could be in accordance with the new house where the new couple will live.

Now, even if it is not a dog that requires extreme exercise, it is always recommended that it be taken for a walk or to exercise so that our pet is distracted and in this way we prevent it from becoming obese, in addition to being able to perform their physiological needs outside (having as always the good neighbor rule, taking out a plastic bag or a dustpan to pick up their excrement.

Another excellent option is to have a cat as a pet, since it will require less attention in terms of exercise, since they can do their exercise inside a small house or apartment and it will not be necessary for them to go for a walk in the park, which which can occur if they teach him to use a leash.

An important point is not only that our pet exercise but also requires a good diet. In this case, they have life resolved, whether our pet is a dog or cat, thanks to the fact that there are Premium or Super Premium foods that contain all the necessary nutrients for them to lead a healthy life that provide high-quality proteins that help build and maintain Stronger bones and muscles in our pets, favor the ideal body mass of our pet, which will help increase their longevity and have an optimal ratio between protein and fat, which helps prevent pet obesity. In addition, these foods have the advantage that they can be stored easily, it doesn’t take long to serve them since you just open the bag and pour the food on your plate and voila!, it will be all. They will not have to have more time to defrost or prepare their food, which would take a lot of time, money and effort, plus it would be difficult to balance the diet according to the nutritional needs of the pet that we will have and our new married situation.

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By Lee Chun Hei