Tips to prevent a dog from getting lost

This is a very useful article with practical and easy-to-follow information to prevent your dog from getting lost; Although this is the deepest fear of every dog lover, we must know that carelessness, emergencies and accidents can cause our beloved pet to get lost.

But how do you prevent a dog from getting lost?

You have to keep in mind that this type of danger is always latent, so it is important to take many precautions to minimize this risk, and doing so is very easy, just follow these tips to prevent a dog from getting lost.

  • Do not leave him alone in the street, even if he knows the route to return or knows the area, without your care and protection he can get lost, he can be robbed, mistreated or run over. It should always have your continuous vigilance.
  • You should always wear a collar with your identification, always, so if an accident or natural disaster happens and the dog strays, the people who find it can return it.
  • Whenever they go outside, no matter how well trained they are, they must be on a leash, so you avoid scares because they chased another animal or an accident, even a tremor, made them run.
  • Do not let the dog loose in parks or unfenced areas, preferably take it to open places that are fenced, currently there are many pet friendly parks that are fenced.
  • At home never leave the door open.
  • Introduce your dog to the area and help him identify ways to return home in case of an emergency where the dog is alone.
  • If your dog wants to go out every time he sees the door open, be very careful and put security filters so he can’t leave.
  • Put a GPS tracker there are already many on the market and they are cheap, with them you can find it via an app.

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By Lee Chun Hei