Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Breeder

Finding a reliable breeder you can trust is one of the most important steps of getting a new best friend. Basically, breeders serve as invaluable resources. They don’t just serve as a bridge between you and the dog. You may also depend on breeders throughout the dog’s lifetime.

As with all other major decisions, it is imperative to research before getting committed to a certain breeder. In order to help you choose the right breeder, the following are tips to consider:

1. Request to Meet Their Parents

Puppies may inherit behavioral and genetic characteristics from their parents. So it will be vital to meet the parents of different puppies in order to make a decision.

This can give you an opportunity to see how the puppy’s parents interact with you and have an idea of what the puppy is going to look once he/she grows up.

If you are looking for an adorable friend, like Maltipoo, to bring home, consider asking different Maltipoo breeders questions about the future of the puppy’s parents.

It is common for the puppy’s father to be absent, as most breeders can keep parents separate. However, the puppy’s mother needs to be kept with their young ones until they are eight or ten weeks old.

2. Consider If They Are Registered

If a dog breeder is registered, it means you are more likely to get a well-conditioned and healthy puppy with a pure bloodline.

And although many breeders passionately love dogs, those who are merely in it for cash will breed and keep dogs in inhuman and squalid conditions. So it is advisable to visit every breeder.

You might as well need to ensure the puppies and dogs are kept in safe, clean, and comfy surroundings. Otherwise, you can end up paying more cash than you bargained for.

3. Ask to See the Home Environment

It is imperative to have a look at the environment when the puppy you want grows up. However, it is simple to clean the puppy and make it look as if he/she lives in a loving, happy, and clean home.

If the potential breeder requests you to meet in another place, be sure to press intentions to learn about the puppy’s home environment.

4. Reach out to the Breeder’s References

In general, professional and responsible dog breeders are careful when it comes to their references. A good breeder will be in a better position to give you enough details about their past collaborations and provide you with the phone number of clients they have worked with before.

You may use those contact details to reach out to those references. This way, you can be able to confirm how responsible a dog breeder is.

Concluding Remarks!

There is no wrong or right way to get a new dog to take home to your family. What really matters is to find a perfect dog you can easily bond with. Whether you are looking to use a breeder or adopt a new puppy, your aim should focus on finding a breed that is more compatible with living accommodations and your life. Choosing the right breeder will help to make this possible.

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By Lee Chun Hei