Top 6 Health and Mood-Boosting Benefits of Pets

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Pieces of research show that having a pet can reduce your blood pressure, lower your stress, and improve your general wellbeing. Thus, pet ownership is linked to physical, emotional, and psychological improvements.

Several stories of pet owners across are also a testament to these health benefits. As the bond between humans and pets keeps closing in, keeps reaching into even the psychological, there is a lot to admire beyond pet walks, pet foods, and online vets. Hence, a direct relationship between these pets and mental wellbeing has led to the power of animal-assisted therapy for humans.

Here are 6 top health benefits we know having a pet would give you.

1. Reduced stress:

Studies have shown that the relationship between playing with animals and reduced stress hormones is unique and direct. Playing with pets for about 5 minutes or more can help in the reduction of stress-related hormones, thereby eliminating anxiety. This is done through an increased level of serotonin and dopamine which are the “happy” hormones that calm the nervous system. So, when you play with pets, you are enabling these hormones to keep your stress hormone level low and therefore your anxiety.

2. Increased self-esteem:

Pet owners tend to be more physically fit, less lonely, and more social just by owning a pet. These resultant benefits increase their confidence and esteem. This is especially true for people who seek a sense of belonging. Having a pet makes them feel more belonged in a sense, less excluded, and opens them to a variety of duties and responsibilities.

3. Recovery from mental illness:

Pet ownership is useful as a form of support for people who are recovering from mental illness. Pets can help mental health patients to better handle their emotions by serving as a listening ear and also pick up objects for them. They can also serve as the needed distractions mental health patients need from suicidal thoughts and rumination.

4. Increased exercise:

Pet owners are known to be physically fit due to exercises from walking their pets to a certain distance. This has led to reduced blood pressure, regular breathing, and more relaxed muscle tension. All these are signs of reduced stress levels and stress hormones.

5. Relationship skills:

Another benefit of owning a pet is that they improve your relationship skills. You’ll certainly meet new people. Since you’d most probably be meeting people every day, you’d know how to handle conversations with each one of them. And even how to relate with them.

6. Healthy habits:

Having a pet means you’d need to take it for walks, runs, and hikes regularly, if not every day. These are healthy habits. Studies have shown that pet owners would most likely meet recommended daily habits than those who own no pet. So, keeping a pet improves your healthy habits and cancels out the unhealthy ones.


The bond between humans and animals is age-old. More so, the bond between pets such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and so on, has been roundly beneficial in solving mental health problems.

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By Lee Chun Hei