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How to choose the ideal feeder for my dog?

Nowadays, something as simple as choosing the ideal feeder for your pet can be a difficult task.

The offer has diversified to such an extent that, today, feeding a pet can be an opportunity to train, entertain and even prevent diseases.

Electronic pet feeders deliver a portion of food at a certain time during a certain period. There are all sizes, portions, additional attributes and prices. Ideal for 100% outdoor dogs or in case the owners must be away for slightly longer periods.

Complex feeders are the set of dishes or devices that deliver food when programmed or handled and nibbled. Among the pet feeders that entertain are the best known and pioneers in the KONG brand market with its ultra-resistant line of toys that are filled with food and can entertain a dog for up to hours.

Along the same lines are the Planet Dog products, made of a less hard plastic but no less resistant for that, and which are also mentholated. These toys are ideal for puppies and for those dogs that during their many hours of solitude bite and break everything they find to cope with boredom. There are also feeders for pets that, due to their innovative design, which makes them uncomfortable, slow down their intake, making them very useful for obese pets, with a tendency to be overweight or in the case of dogs, with a predisposition to gastric torsion. .

Another variety of feeders are height-adjustable feeders that improve posture during eating and provide slower chewing, increasing nutrient absorption. An example of this type of feeder is the Zee.Bowl that promotes healthy eating and helps prevent bloating and regurgitation.

And if your dog is one of those who devours food, there are feeders called “for anxious dogs” or “anti-choking” that are especially useful to facilitate adequate food intake, avoiding choking and promoting proper digestion.

Finally, there are “interactive” pet feeders whose bits and pieces are challenges or difficulties that the pet must overcome to obtain “the loot”. Ideal for witty but not particularly destructive dogs, such as some terriers and border collies, among others. Also to activate the natural hunting instinct of cats and get them to have fun while they eat.

To decide among such a variety, consult with your veterinarian which is the most suitable for your particular pet.

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By Lee Chun Hei