Water consumption in cats

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The instinct that leads cats to drink water is less than that of dogs since, before cats were domesticated, they obtained almost all the water they required through their prey such as small mammals, birds, among others; and not directly drinking the vital element as the dogs did.

However, as we mentioned in our last article, not consuming enough water increases the probability of urinary stone formation.

So how do you encourage cats to drink water? Today from Best for Pets we leave you some tips:

1.- Change the water at least once a day and clean the container at least once a week:

Cats are clean by nature, if the water is not fresh they will not drink it.

2.- Use a suitable container:

If the container is made of plastic and/or of poor quality, the taste of it will prevent your cat from consuming water since it will be unpleasant. You can review alternatives in our special section on cat drinkers.

3.- Leave the drinker in a suitable place:

For the same reason as the first point, the drinker should be away from the sandbox and food.

4.- Install water fountains:

Many cats find standing water that has been in their bowl for a long time unpleasant. On the contrary, most of them love water fountains, it stimulates them to drink and also reduces stress levels. There are several models of fountains with different sizes, shapes and some even have different water flows for picky drinkers (each cat is unique and has its own preferences).

5.- Place drinkers in different parts:

Not only does it stimulate water intake, but also, in order to inspect them, it makes the cat move more often, increasing its activity levels.

6.- Offer wet food as a complement:

These have 80% water in proportion, and it is one of the most effective ways to stimulate the hydration of our furry ones. It can be ½ can a day for example (the portion of dry food must be regulated so that you do not gain weight). Check the varieties of wet foods available here

7.- Add meat or fish broth to dry food:

Some cats love it (not excessively), but beware! this broth should not have salt or onion.

8.- Play with your cat near the water tap:

In addition to stimulating them to drink, it strengthens the bond with our furry ones.

9.- Give him bottled water:

Some cats really dislike the taste of tap water.

If the intake has decreased and/or does not improve with these tips, consult your trusted veterinarian to rule out diseases. Any questions, comments or if you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us through the email [email protected] of the store or calls. (56 9 4208 2800)

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By Lee Chun Hei