What to do when a dog attacks you

Dog attacks on people are not that common, however, they are possible and sometimes poorly socialized, aggressive dogs or a lack of tact on the part of a person to relate to a dog results in canine bites or attacks, but what is it done at that time?

Well, I think the best thing is to prevent and the basic rules to prevent dog attacks or bites are:

• Do not approach dogs you do not know
• Don’t invade a dog’s living space.
• If you are going to pet a dog on the street, ask its owner if you can do it.

Currently, most dog attacks on people happen because the person in question trusts their contact (and treatment) with animals, which causes a fearful or possessive dog to react with a bite.
But what is done in those cases?

The first thing to do is stay calm and calm, despite the pain and nerves you have, you have to be calm. The second very important step is not to pull the arm or the part of the body that the dog is biting, because if it is pulled quickly or aggressively, if the dog has its fangs buried in it, it can cause a tear and that will be a very serious injury. harder to cure.

So while it’s instinctive to remove your arm, it’s best to follow the dog in the direction he’s going, to avoid worsening the severity of the bite.

Then what you have to do is calmly, without yelling or hitting, so as not to upset the dog and make it more aggressive, is to try to place an object between you and the dog.

Do not make eye contact and say loudly and clearly NO.

The dog must react to this order, if this does not work, there are experts who recommend that a second person perform a choking maneuver on the dog with a bag or shirt, so that the dog releases what it is biting and you can withdraw.

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By Lee Chun Hei