What type of print should be hung in the children’s room to ensure that the child grows up kind and happy?

Every parent wants his or her child to be peaceful and joyful. As a result, parents usually work a lot. So, there isn’t much time left to raise a child. As a result, you can employ so-called passive educators. Allow your child to read good books. Purchase a variety of wallpapers for your child. Allow him to draw or create something. It is also important that you arrange the children’s room nicely. So that the room is filled with only bright and kind things.

Blue Segment Wassily Kandinsky Print

You can hang a brightly colored print on the wall. And, ideally, various prints. Children enjoy looking at abstract paintings. Abstract painting helps children develop their attention span and intelligence. Furthermore, many paintings can greatly stimulate children’s imaginations.

Tower of Koutoubia Mosque Print

If the child likes a character from a cartoon or a book, you can exhibit a print of that character. In my kids’ room, for example, there was a world map covering the entire wall. I looked around at different countries, cities, rivers, lakes, and seas. Perhaps that’s why I got an A in geography in school?


A child’s thoughts can be influenced by warm, colorful landscapes. Maybe your child will grow up to be a brave traveler. Maybe he dedicated his life to helping others? In any case, a beautiful, interesting, colorful print will be a great help to you as you raise your child.

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By Lee Chun Hei