Why do dogs like to play so much?

Dogs are very active, energetic and friendly animals who instinctively seek to be playing or doing some non-stop physical activity like games all the time, but why do they do it?

Why do dogs like to play so much?

Well, we generally know that playing in dogs is an activity considered basic and essential for the well-being of these little animals, as essential as eating, drinking and sleeping; Yes, we know that, but, why is the game so basic in their life or why canines like this activity so much, well, that is not information that is so well known but today you will discover at Conociendoamiperro.com why they like it play both dogs.

If you think that playing is merely a recreational activity, something that dogs do out of boredom or as a form of recreation, as a person would do, you should know that in the case of domestic dogs, more than being a playful activity for entertainment, due to their reactive nature, playing is a mechanism they use to control their high doses of energy and thus achieve a balanced physical and emotional state. In addition to the fact that the game is one of the most important ways we have to bond with a dog.

And the importance of play in the dog’s life begins when he is a puppy, and that is that, thanks to play, the puppy can learn to socialize and understand many of the behaviors that he will have to develop in his adult stage; On the other hand, through play the puppy develops different skills that allow him to understand his environment and, likewise.

Another fundamental part of the games during the first months of the puppy’s life is that with them he learns to understand the limits on aspects as important as modulating the bite or understanding that bites hurt.

When it enters the adult stage, games are physical activities that allow dogs to socialize with other animals and with people to forge bonds, and we must not forget that games, especially when they are high-impact physical activities, help the dog to develop a physical condition (bone and muscle) suitable for your health.

But, the games that a dog does are not only when they run after the ball or run around, it can also be considered a canine game when the dog bites its toys, its balls, or runs alone around the house. All these activities are forms of play, and allow the dog to release not only its energy, but also emotions considered negative, be it stress, anxiety or fear.

How can you see playing for a dog is an essential activity and practically a healthy dog, he can play all day, of course, when he is not sleeping or eating.

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By Lee Chun Hei