Why do dogs sleep on top of each other?

It may seem adorable behavior to you, and more so when you see the puppies sleeping together, but this practice extends throughout the dog’s life, and when there are two or more dogs together, they all end up sleeping together, in the same bed or place, You will surely find this behavior very cute, but it has a reason for being and although you may think that it is linked to the weather, there are more reasons behind this adorable behavior.

It must be remembered that dogs come from animals that survived together in a pack, and during that time, one way of surviving was by being all together and at night, or at bedtime, the dogs would get together to stay safe from other predators. and at the same time to be warm and this not only happened with dogs united by blood, but the whole pack stayed together.

This evolutionary trait was stored in the DNA of dogs, and it is a behavior that is inherited, not only for comfort, but also for safety.

That is the reason why you see dogs sleeping together in a pet bed, or even if they sleep in your bed, and you have more than one dog, in addition to looking for your company, they look for the other dogs and they all end up very close together. .

5 tips to set limits for your dog

Ah, a dog is an endless source of happiness and love, but in addition to companionship and joy, a dog, especially one that misbehaves, is mischievous, rebellious and has a lot of energy can become a bad experience.

And no matter how much you love the damned, there comes a point where mischief surpasses all love, and that’s the time when you have to set limits for your dog, because of course I’ve finished your patience, but if you don’t do something , it is likely to destroy your home.

Now, you should know that to make a dog obey, you need a lot of patience and discipline, that is the key to dog training; but there are also certain tips that today I am going to share with you to set limits for your dog.

If your dog has excess energy, he will never calm down and nervousness, stress or any other feeling of that kind will trigger bad behavior; That is why it is important that you take your dog for a walk, but every day, believe it or not, this will help your dog understand in a simpler way what he can or cannot do.

When your dog does something wrong, at that moment stop what you are doing, approach him and with an emphatic and strong tone, without hitting him, say NO.

Hitting and scolding do not work with dogs, it is better to reward a positive attitude with praise and rewards.

If your dog is stressed or anxious, it is likely that he wants to do mischief in your house; To avoid it you must calm his emotional state.

It is also very important that you teach the dog that there are limits and areas in the house where he cannot be.

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By Lee Chun Hei