Why is August the month of cats?

August… the month of cats.

Do you know the real reason why August is said to be the month of cats? This is because August is the brightest month of the year, having the longest days of light, and this is directly related to the reproductive cycle of our beloved cats.

In the southern hemisphere, the month of August heralds the end of winter and the arrival of spring. Although it is still a cold month, the days are beginning to get longer and there are more hours of daylight each day. In addition, the central hours of the day begin to be warmer. Cats are especially sensitive to these changes. They perceive the signals and in these circumstances the females go into heat, a stage that will last throughout the spring.

And the males detect the heat of the cats and go “crazy” through the streets looking for a partner. This unleashes a madness of meows, snorts, growls, hisses and other sounds that we hear (both from males and females) at this time and that are the result of the behaviors associated with the heat season of cats, whether feral ( feral and with no known owner) or domestic cats that are allowed to “roam the streets”.

In this month, the character of your cat or cat will change. They will look for a thousand ways to get out of the house to find a partner, the nocturnal meows multiply, they will look more frequently for the caresses of their masters and some will even be able to disappear for the whole month in search of a cat, that is why it is very important to be be careful to avoid it.

It is also normal to witness some fights between males since they are all looking for a partner and have to defend their territory. Special care must be taken with this, since diseases can be transmitted through saliva and also your domestic cat may not be prepared for these fights and could return injured.

Therefore, during the month of August, be especially careful to prevent your cat from escaping. We also remind you that during this period, cats are extremely active and aggressive, so do not be surprised if they find some extra damage to the house and they could even mark their territory inside the home.

How to act in this situation?

It is important to decide if you could take care of your regalona’s pups in the event that she mated and came home giving you a surprise, if not, you have to take responsibility and take measures, sterilize your cat to prevent other cats from harass during the month and also thus prevent them from spreading diseases.

If, on the other hand, your cat is male, you must also take responsibility for his actions, and thus avoid more stray kittens that often do not survive alone. In his case you should think about castration. These two methods are the only ones that will be sure to reduce the number of abandoned cats.

If you already have a sterilized cat that wanders around at this time, you can try the following tips:

Put a cat collar on it (with a quick-release clasp so it doesn’t choke if it gets stuck) that will help you hear where it’s going.

If you have allowed him to go out, just before sunset, go out into the patio and call him by name, also rattling his plate of food. As soon as he arrives, offer him a treat for cats and let him into the house.

Enrich your home interior with interesting cat flaps, cat shelters and cat toys to encourage your cat to stay entertained inside, especially at night.

If even applying all these techniques, it makes your life miserable by meowing and asking to go out, you can use calming complementary medicines.

And last but not least, it is to offer them a rich and well-balanced cat food to help them strengthen their immune system.

Let’s not forget that in August the days start to get longer but they are still cold in the evening and at night. Also at this time, cats are more active and need a greater, but always controlled, amount of food.

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By Lee Chun Hei