Why is growing up with a pet positive for your children’s development?

Why is growing up with a pet positive for your children’s development?

A pet can be the perfect companion to accompany our child in its development, you just have to take some precautions in coexistence. Various medical articles confirm that the presence of one or more pets in your home favors the emotional and physical development of your children.
Benefits of pets for children.

At the socio-educational level.

The bonds that are established with a pet can become really intense. And that relationship brings well-being implicitly. Therefore, it can be very beneficial for our children to give them the opportunity to have a pet, because…

· They contribute to their socialization, raise their self-esteem and give them a sense of self-confidence.

· They will learn to be responsible, generous and to be disciplined.

· The company of our furry ones generates the release of serotonin (a substance that is related to moods), which will increase the feeling of happiness in our children.

· It will improve creativity, curiosity and learning.

· They develop a sense of coexistence and respect for others.

· It helps them to increase empathy, and they become more participatory in the sport.

· They give a great contribution of love, company and tenderness.

· They increase family cohesion, since the time shared around a pet is greater.

Health benefits

· They help children to be less aggressive by reducing stress.

· They reduce sedentary lifestyle, because physical activity is increased, with walks and games.

· They regulate blood pressure and heart rate just by caressing or being caressed.

· Various studies have shown that children who live with pets have a stronger immune system and get less sick. According to The Scientific Parent, children are less likely to develop allergies in adulthood, as pets help boost their immune systems.

· In children with behavioral problems they improve their motor skills, verbal interaction, increase attention and memory.

But having a pet can also pose risks, so it is essential to train the animal and educate the child to respect it.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that the animal is not a human being and, consequently, one should not try to humanize the pet. A dog is happy leading the life of a dog, which guarantees its emotional stability and integration into the family.


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By Lee Chun Hei