Why is my dog’s nose cold?

The dog’s nose, a fascinating organ of the canine body, of which, in a general way, we do not know even a fifth of its function or even its physiology; in fact, as a curious fact, did you know that a dog’s nose is like a human fingerprint, it is unique in each dog and its pattern is not repeated. Although, although we don’t know much about the canine nose, something we do know is that this part of the dog’s body is always wet and cold all the time, what’s more, it is even colloquially believed that if a dog’s nose does not present These conditions are synonymous with illness, but how true is this? Why is my dog’s nose cold?
Why is my dog’s nose cold?

The fact that a dog’s nose is wet happens for several reasons, the main one is that the nose has mucus that is produced from the mucous glands of the nostrils, which allows the dog’s nose to process better smells.

The humidity of your nose helps or rather allows the aroma to reach the brain so that it can process said information.

Although, this is not the only reason why the dog’s nose is wet and cold, it also gets wet because dogs lick themselves in this area to remove dirt or impurities and by rubbing the tongue on the olfactory glands the dog can learn better about the smell.

But, in addition to the fact that humidity has an olfactory function, the most important thing is that it allows the dog to cool down; when it is hot or when exercising through evaporation from the nose, the dog can get cold.

Because of these important functions for its most important sense, the sense of smell, and because it participates in the important cooling process, the dog’s nose must be wet and cold. In the event that it is dry or hot, rather than being a symptom of a respiratory disease or even a fever, it indicates that the dog will have physiological problems so that the odor processing and cooling functions of its body occur.

A dry nose in a dog can happen because it dries out due to the action of the sun, weather or because the dog is not passing its tongue through this area, which will cause it to crack, scab or even pieces of the nose fall off which if it can be a problem for your health and you will need a vet check in addition to the use of special balms for a dog’s nose.

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