Why is the bond with a pet so strong?

There are many people who have dogs at home, who proudly and rightly state that the love they have for their dog or cat is so strong that it could be compared to the love one has for a child; This has made many people wonder why owning a dog or cat can develop such a close and strong bond with a pet.

Today at Conociendoamiperro.com we will talk about the bond with a pet, continue reading to find out more.
Why is the bond with a pet so strong?

Science.org magazine published in 2015 the article “How dogs stole our hearts” based on a scientific study that sought to answer this question, and the surprising answer is related to our body chemistry and how our hormones, not just affective hormones, but also the hormones that make us feel confident, are generated by having and caring for a dog.

So, from a scientific point of view, the bond with a pet is almost always related to the chemical processes that the body goes through when living with this pet; but, in addition, in this study, the ability of canines to interact with humans was recognized with equal importance, which fosters positive and affective interactions that can generate great attachment.

This means that the funny behaviors that dogs do to encourage us or live with us, in addition to their looks and their tender way in which they ask for or show affection, not only generate a hormonal or chemical response, they also stimulate our cognitive responses of coexistence.

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Finally, we remind you that it is not only about loving a pet, it is also about providing a life in harmony, with well-being and health through all the physical, veterinary and nutritional care that dogs and cats require to live with dignity.

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By Lee Chun Hei